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Some of Our Customers

St John Personalized Shopping Experience

A partnership extending the luxury shopping experience beyond the store.

Nordstrom Personalized Shopping Experience

We’ve teamed up to bring store associates into digital channels.

Zales Personalized Shopping Experience

Customer data streamlines processes and increases revenue.

BevyUp’s Personalized Shopping Experience Means Results

Our platform makes it easy for sales associates to text or email customers personalized recommendations, which lead to better relationships and drives revenue. Typical results for customers who use BevyUp include:


Click-through rate


Increase in average order value


Decrease in returns


Online conversion rate


Increased CSat

People Who Think We’re Swell

Nordstrom Personalized Shopping Experience

“BevyUp created a personalized, seamless customer experience for us that helps us leverage the best part of our store experience—our people—with the convenience of shopping online. We’ve heard great things from employees and customers alike about how this capability has positively influenced their buying and selling experiences.”

—Shea Jensen, Vice President of Customer Experience, Nordstrom

Zales Personalized Shopping Experience

“We are seeing an extremely high conversion rate for all customers who interact with the BevyUp experience.”

—Alex Largent, Head of Customer Experience, Zales

Jarbo Personalized Shopping Experience

“BevyUp is as close as you can get to replicating the in-store customer relationship on eCommerce. Unlike other solutions, we can draw a straight line to BevyUp’s impact on our bottom line.”

—Cary Roth, President, Jarbo

Chempoint Personalized Shopping Experience

“We love working with BevyUp. Their integration process was easy and lead to phenomenal results.”

—Ali Amin-Javaheri, VP of Marketing & Sales, ChemPoint

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