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In 2014, Avia Tour was struggling to develop customer relationships and lacked customer data. They were about to undergo a major website relaunch, but realized that even with a new website, they knew nothing about their customers. They didn’t know which regions potential customers were interested in and weren’t even sure which tour packages were the most popular. In Indonesia, where the bulk of business is based on strong customer relationships and referrals, Avia Tour knew they needed to:

  • Connect with and maintain relationships with potential customers throughout the entire lifecycle of the buying process
  • Provide their travel agents with innovative tools to better assist their customers
  • Understand what tour packages customers were demanding to better serve their market


With the clear objectives of improving customer relationships and better understanding customer demands, Avia Tour implemented Visual Assist Pro, BevyUp’s live chat and screen sharing solution, along with BevyUp’s live curation enhancement.

Avia Tour’s travel agents immediately saw the difference. Historically, they struggled to communicate tour details to customers, but with BevyUp Visual Assist Pro, they found that they could easily take customers through the intricacies of each tour by visually demonstrating what they were trying to communicate.

Additionally, through BevyUp’s live curation solution, Avia Tour’s travel agents were now able to see tour packages in their customers’ “My Trip” lists and could add their own tour package recommendations to their customers’ trip lists in real-time. This allowed Avia Tour’s travel agents to better engage with each individual customer, enhancing the customer’s experience.


By integrating BevyUp’s Visual Assist Pro, Avia Tour achieved positive results. Revenue increased by 11.4 percent and conversion rates tripled.
Avia Tour was also impressed with the in-depth insights offered by BevyUp Visual Assist Pro. Unlike regular live chat solutions, BevyUp provides more than just chat session details. Through customer comments and tags left on tour packages in customer trip lists, Avia Tour was finally able to gather the necessary product sentiment data to better categorize and refine their tour package offerings.
With BevyUp, Avia Tour successfully achieved their objectives and have successfully transitioned from a sales-focused organization to a customer-focused organization.

About Avia Tour

A successful travel agency in Indonesia, Avia Tour provides tour packages to destinations across the globe including Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, America, and Europe.

“BevyUp helps us communicate our products to customers better. Also, being able to track sentiment and comments around products is really valuable. Our top priority is the customer experience.”

Hirza R,
Online Business Manager