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Every sales associate is a stylist

No two shoppers are exactly alike, which is why we provide multiple ways for them to communicate with their local sales associates. BevyUp 1 : Many allows associates to create pages right on your website where they field questions, give product advice and recommendations in real time, and bring customers into stores. Now your sales associates have more ways to build their clientele and drive revenue through a omnichannel shopping experience.

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build clientele and drive revenue

Enthusiasm leads to success

Sales associates create product-collection pages to promote their favorite items. These pages live on your store’s website. Customers browse these curated collections any time of day—no matter if the sales associate is working or not—and can instantly add items to their cart. Giving sales associates ownership of their collections establishes an energetic selling environment with more sales across all channels.

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promote their favorite items

Mass connection that still feels personal

We bring your customers and sales associates together on social media for a satisfying and authentic shopping experience. Your sales associates leverage social media to grow their clientele well beyond their old customer base. This virality creates an online following, which drives foot traffic and increases website visits–establishing a seamless omnichannel shopping experience. When customers buy on any channel, the sales associate still gets the credit, motivating the associate to use all available selling options.

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bring your customers and sales associates together