eCommerce Boards

If you love the idea of in-store Boards but don’t have a physical store, eCommerce Boards are for you. The same powerful in-store engagement tablet application can be used by your customer reps on their desktop, providing them with the tools to engage, recommend, and cross-sell for additional revenue.

How it works


A shopper connects with your customer rep through live chat, telephone or email. (Boards supports ANY contact center solution.)


Using their desktop or laptop, your customer rep curates a recommendation Board including the discussed products plus additional recommendations.


Before emailing the Board, your customer rep can add comments to each of the products, flagging issues that were discussed, or highlighting new recommendations.


The eCommerce Board can be sent at any time – during or after the conversation with the shopper. When the shopper buys, your customer rep is credited with generating the revenue.

eCommerce Boards Benefits

Extended Engagement

eCommerce Boards extend shopper engagement after the conversation ends.

Revenue Attribution

Customer reps receive revenue attribution for purchases made through an eCommerce Board.

Turning a Profit

eCommerce Boards turn a customer service cost center into a profit center.

Video Chat & Screen Sharing

Providing a personalized customer experience is what BevyUp is about. Whether your customers connect with your reps using their desktop, tablet, or smartphone, you can provide a delightful customer experience with human-to-human contact and knowledgeable customer reps.

BevyUp’s Visual Assist provides best in class video chat, voice, and text chat. Upon connection, your reps can see your customer’s screen, giving them immediate context for rapid resolution and relevant recommendations. The guess work is taken out of what your customers are looking at, allowing reps to focus on revenue generating activities like up-selling and cross-selling.

Video Chat Features

Video Chat Optimized For Revenue Generation

Two-way Or One-way Video
Your customer has complete control over initiating their own video.

Voice Chat
Audio only to accommodate lesser internet connections.

Text Chat
Sometimes typing is still the preferred way.

Screen Sharing
See your customer’s web page for immediate context.

Mouse Tracking
You’d be surprised at how much mouse movements “say.”

Revenue Attribution
Purchases made during the same chat session are attributed to your product expert.

API Flexibility
For a complete custom solution, connect to the BevyUp platform via API.

Data Security
Data is transferred using SSL meaning that it’s secure at all times

Some Things Supervisors Can Do

Video chat monitoring
Monitor videos in progress for coaching purposes.

Supervisor Messages
Send a text chat to help your product expert – invisible to the customer.

Block Users
Someone abusing your system? Block them by IP or cookies.

Skills Routing
Nominate skills for effective routing and transferring between agents.

Hours of Operation
Automatically go offline outside of your hours of operation.

Customizable Appearance.
Change the copy and appearance of the live chat window.

Permission-Based Access Levels
Manage access rights by user profile.

Live Dashboard And Custom Reporting
Key performance metrics in real-time and by time period.

Session Transcripts
Dive down deep into transcripts for auditing and training.

Downloadable Reports
Reports are downloadable in .csv format for easy analysis and pivoting.

Some Tools To Help Your Customer Reps

Customer Browsing History
See your customer’s full URL path leading up to the chat.

Customer Geo-Location
See the mapped location of your customer

Built-In Dictionary
Spelling errors are flagged prior to send.

Pre-Canned Responses
Configurable responses to commonly asked questions.

Cross-Device Continuance
Phone conversations can continue online

Customer Satisfaction Exit Survey
Customer reps know how they’re doing with the post-conversation exit survey.

Agent Status
Agents nominate their working status for tracking and reporting.

Live Curation

Take Visual Assist to the next level by adding live curation – a powerful way for your customer reps to recommend products in real-time. Visual Assist Pro combines all of the powerful features of Visual Assist video chat and gives your customer reps the ability to curate products, add them to a customer’s favorites, and then provide recommendations on each product.

How it works


Shoppers add products to their favorites by clicking on a heart


When a shopper connects with an online customer rep, the rep can see the shopper’s favorites


The rep can add products to the shoppers favorites in real-time


The rep can comment directly on each product, providing recommendations or incentives for the shopper to buy

Visual Assist Pro Benefits

Addictive Shopping Experience

Conversations drive engagement and loyalty, with shoppers 2.5 times more likely to come back to your site.

More Likely to Buy

BevyUp-engaged shoppers are 2.3 times more likely to convert into a sale.

Happy Customers

Customer satisfaction has been realized up to 97%.

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Bridge the Gap Between In-Store and Online Sales

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