Collaborative shopping

Sentiment Analytics

Automated Targeting

Social Tagging

  • Collect and organize things you love

    Give your customers the ability to collect their ideas using sentiment-driven tags

    • Users are presented with options to convey sentiment toward products via tags. As with most aspects of the BevyUp offering, tags can be customized to fit the needs of the partner.

    • On the platform side, contrasting sentiment is associated with tags, forming the basis for rich business intelligence.

Product Discovery

  • Intelligent merchandising makes the right products easy to find—and buy

    Traditional text-based search just isn't enough. BevyUp integrates with your product catalog feed, returning relevant, type-ahead results that connect visitors with the products they want.

    • Show "Top Sellers," targeted by customer geography, to first-time visitors to your website.

    • Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to select the products that each customer segment sees.

    • Display "Trending" or "New Arrivals" to returning customers looking for the latest product additions.

Expert Assisted Sales

  • Provide the in-store level of service, online

    To be relevant, you need to be quick. Listen to your customers, answer their questions, and provide recommendations to deliver remarkable experiences.

    With BevyUp’s Expert Assisted Sales, your representatives will have the ability to help customers in real-time, leveraging tools like screen share, chat, voice, and video – making customers feel closer, and opening more cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.