In-Store Boards

Starting with a tablet in the hands of a store associate, BevyUp Boards enables store associates to curate product recommendations with personalized notes for a shopper, extending customer engagement beyond the store to your website. Board purchases are attributed back to your store associate, or your store, bridging the gap between in-store and online sales.

An Example Scenario


Meet Elizabeth.
She walks into a high-end fashion store looking for a stunning dress for an important event. The store associate provides her with several gorgeous cocktail dresses to try on and notes that she is favoring a ruby lambskin dress.


Elizabeth ultimately decides not to buy anything, but before leaving the store, the store associate asks for her email address so he can send her a Board that will include the ruby dress she likes, plus a few of his own personalized recommendations.


The store associate curates the recommendation Board including the ruby dress, plus adds a pair of patent heel boots and a stunning clutch to make the outfit complete. He then adds his own personalized notes to each product, reminding Elizabeth of the fabric quality and perfect fit.


When Elizabeth gets home, she reviews her recommendation Board with a friend and decides to purchase the dress and the recommended patent heel boots and clutch.


The store associate has successfully extended the in-store relationship and receives the credit for Elizabeth's online purchase.

Boards Features

Cross-Channel Inventory Visibility

Online inventory allows store associates to offer products that are out-of-stock at the store, and get attribution for any online sales they generate with a Board.


Store associates can easily add product recommendations to a Board by scanning in-store products. Once scanned, a product SKU can be modified to reflect correct color and size.

Bulk Email Re-engagement

Prompt customers that haven’t been to the store in a while to check out new arrivals - faster than you can imagine. Send a Board with personalized comments to multiple recipients at once.


Keep the conversation going beyond the original contact. Customers can add comments and reply to notes made by store associates on their custom Board.

In-Store Boards At A Glance

Boards created in-store begin long-term, personal customer relationships.

Boards enable store associates to view and sell online inventory.

Boards can be sent to a shopper's email, smartphone, or added to their store account.

Board purchases are attributed to your store associates, or your store.

Powerful Retail Insights

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