Smartphones provide shoppers more choices than ever before along their myriad path to purchase. As they jump between your store, online, and mobile touchpoints, they expect to pick up where they left off with consistent offers, information, and conversations.

BevyUp Boards puts an end to disjointed, meaningless customer interactions. With BevyUp Boards, your shoppers are immersed in a holistic customer experience, with consistent communication and information at each touchpoint.

Boards come to life on a tablet in the hands of a store associate. Right on their smartphone, shoppers can receive a Board, review it, and purchase Board recommended products. Any purchases made through a customer’s mobile Board are attributed to your store associate, or your store.

Mobile Experiences At A Glance

Store associates curate recommendation Boards on their tablet and can send it to a customer’s smartphone.

Designed for mobile, Boards are completely responsive. Recommended products can easily be added to the cart and purchased.

Purchases made through a customer’s Board, even on mobile, are attributed back to your store associate, or your store.

Powerful mobile insights to drive your mobile strategy

Here is a small sample of the mobile data we capture to help your mobile strategy reach its full potential.

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Easily engage and re-engage with personalized recommendations.

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