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We create omnichannel customers

Now your sales associates go wherever your customers go, whether they are in stores or on their phones. BevyUp Style Boards provides a personalized customer experience in-store, on mobile, and online that helps customers better engage with your brand in every channel.

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Save the sale

Sales associates text or email personalized recommendations to customers through BevyUp Style Boards. When customers tap on the link, they go directly to the store’s website. When customers make purchases, the sales associate still receives the credit. It’s a win-win, all around.

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Nobody knows your customers like you do

Sales associates are one of your biggest assets. There are things that they can do that your eCommerce site could never do before partnering with BevyUp. Leveraging their expertise through individualized recommendations and long-term relationships, we have decreased returns and boosted customers’ confidence in online purchases.

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Expand your sales associates’ capabilities

Every sales associate becomes a style expert when they use BevyUp Style Boards. With the tap of a button they can quickly reach customers and add coordinating items to what would have otherwise been a one-product purchase. In the process, they also retain customers’ data, giving stores a digital edge.

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If it’s not repeatable, it’s not worth it

Today’s customers demand both an easy and unique shopping experience. Our clienteling platform helps store associates keep in contact with customers long after they’ve left the store and provide a personalized customer experience that results in happier customers and more sales overall.

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