There’s no denying the impact that digital has had on the physical store. Today’s shoppers are always online and expect a seamless brand experience, no matter what channels they use throughout their shopping journey.

BevyUp Boards bridges the gap between your physical and digital stores and keeps shoppers focused on your brand. Through the curation of personalized product recommendations from your online inventory, store associates can easily generate additional sales online.

Curated recommendation Boards live on your website. Any purchases made through a customer’s Board are attributed back to your store associate, or your store.

Web Attribution At A Glance

Boards created by store associates live on your website and can be accessed directly through a link

Boards extend shopper engagement from your store to your website

Board purchases are attributed to your store associates, or your store

Boards increase average transaction value by promoting cross-selling opportunities

Powerful online insights to optimize store associate performance

Here is a small sample of the online data we capture to help your store associates reach their full revenue potential

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Put an end to disjointed customer experiences.

Mobile Experiences
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