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Even with a compelling online offering, realized that sales were being lost due to the high-consideration nature of their products.  Specifically, was finding that:

  • Bounce rates were high with shoppers bouncing in and out of the website.
  • Without validation at the right time, shoppers were leaving items in carts.
  • Telephone and traditional live chat agents were struggling to close sales.
  • Customers were not necessarily returning for repeat purchases.


With multiple challenges to address, plus a desire to remain with shoppers during their entire purchase decision journey, implemented BevyUp’s social commerce software products Hub Pro and Visual Assist.

Hub, BevyUp’s social wishlist product, addressed Zales’ high bounce and cart abandonment rates by proactively engaging website visitors with its interactive and collaborative interface. Zales shoppers could add jewelry to their wishlist and engage with friends or live chat agents to collaborate directly on each product – providing that final affirmation they had been previously missing.

Integrating with Hub, BevyUp’s Visual Assist live chat product gave Zales’ live chat agents immediate visual context into each shopper’s situation.  On connection, Zales’ live chat agents could now see the shopper’s wishlist, plus any comments or sentiment tags added to individual products.  This visual context gave agents the necessary information to make appropriate product recommendations, plus  lead the shopper all the way to purchase.


By fully integrating BevyUp’s social commerce software, realized some extraordinary results—
even one result they weren’t expecting.

In the first 24 hours after implementation, Average Order Value (AOV) increased by 200 percent.  Since those heady first days, there has continued to be a dramatic increase in AOV, with retail holidays seeing as much as 300-315 percent increases.

Website bounce rates also decreased, with time on site increasing by 130 percent.  Best of all, conversions tripled.

And unexpectedly:

Product returns dropped from an industry average to near zero, saving Zales tens of thousands of dollars each month.

BevyUp successfully addressed Zales’ challenges to decrease bounce rates and cart abandonment, empower live chat agents to close sales, and create a compelling customer experience to encourage repeat purchases.  By increasing average order value and conversion rates and decreasing costs, BevyUp has brought Zales the ultimate ecommerce goal of additional revenue.

“We looked into solutions that offered a way to chat with customers, but they were all focused on live chat and support. None of them were really optimized for driving revenue.”

Alex Largent,
Sr. Manager Customer Operations